The Shore Power process

Shore power is a beneficial electrification product developed by Entergy’s innovation organization to enable customers to meet their own sustainability goals by replacing fossil-fuel end use by Entergy’s cleaner electricity. Beneficial electrification allows customers to leverage Entergy’s efficient generation profile to achieve significant emissions reductions. Entergy works with customers to determine how to incorporate this product into our customers’ business in a cost-efficient and environmentally beneficial manner.

Sizing the environmental and economic opportunity

Entergy helps customers understand the specific retrofit costs of vessels along with anticipated usage to assess the potential economic and environmental impact of shore power. This may even incorporate anticipated emissions’ benefits, which can have financial implications.


Engineering assessement

A review is conducted to determine the electrical needs of the customer. This includes learning about on-board electrical configurations of vessels and which devices will need to be powered.


Customized design

Entergy’s regional engineering and construction staff meet with the customer to determine which type of service solution is best (overhead vs underground). The design entails an extension of the current feeder (local power lines) and the extension and termination of those lines at the transformer on the customer premises. This is the final step before a decision to move forward is made.


Supply chain

Once the design is reviewed and approved by all required parties, made-to-order purchases of transformers and required materials are made.



Crews safely work to make the agreed upon designs a reality. This can be comprised of directional boring, other underground work or overhead work, transformer installation and testing, and much more. Entergy ensures the final product is safe and reliable for our customers.